Work towards your career path

It’s been a minute, but we are back with the question , Are you working towards your career path?

Most people know their career but they do not meet the short term goals leading to your desired career. In most cases, it’s due to ignorance and that’s why it is always advisable to seek career guidance as early as possible.  Once you know your career you have to make short term goals,seek mentorship guidance and work towards your long term goal.

Karren Cherotich ,Brand Ambassador, My Career Identity shares her journey.

Finding the right career path can really be difficult. That you will all agree with me, setting that path that
will help you transition from high school to pursuing your dream career in university is not easy. To
highlight the importance of this really important choice let me share with you my story.
As always we normally develop passion for what we love at really tender ages whilst other people may
discover later in life. In upper primary school I always wanted to be a lawyer. I participated actively in
debates and I loved argumentative discussions. I lived on with this dream up to my high school. I knew I
was to be lawyer and I had no alternatives in mind. I was certain that nothing was going to deter me
from being one. I walked along the school corridors practicing how I was going to defend my clients in
the court rooms.
After I received my KCSE results that’s when everything came rumbling down. Was it because I had
failed? No I had passed, I had the best grades but unfortunately when it came to selecting my dream
course I could not pursue it because I had not focused on the core subjects required for the course.
Well, my point is you may have discovered your career path but what’s more important is knowing what
it takes to get that dream course that will build your career path.
Most students nowadays have discovered what they want after high school, they know which courses
they want to pursue. However not many of them understand the requirements. For instance, if you
want to pursue a law career you should focus on key subjects like English, Kiswahili and Mathematics.
We are going to talk about how it feels to land into the wrong course but before that at least let us
understand that it is really important to know the career you want to pursue and the subjects that you
need to work on to make your dream career a reality!




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