Research on your Career Path

The job market continues to change at a rapid rate, and research skills are a hot commodity. One should know how to navigate the online world to gather the data and ideas he will need in any field.

Spend time researching career paths and incooperate your research with one-on-one conversations with those in a field of interest. Conducting background research and generating ideas on how you can be helpful to organizations is an important skill you will use throughout your career.

Spending the time to conduct thorough background research will always keep you a step ahead of your peers, and now is the time to hone those skills.

With some help and encouragement from parents, you will develop the tools and skills that will serve you no matter what kinds of curve balls the economy throws in the future. And it’s never too early to start.

My Career Identity is a Kenyan-based career adviser  company that works with mid-career executives and young adults who are in high school, college or are recent graduates.

We work with executives and young adults to discover, develop and advance their careers. We guide clients at all stages in identifying and promoting their brand as a foundation for job search, career change and advancement, leadership development and entrepreneurship. We help them find the right roles and organizations to get them hired, or empowers them to pursue leadership positions within their current company. We frequently speak, deliver workshops and blog on career management at

Feel free to book your sessions to consult us on everything about your career path.


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